Corporate Finance Services

Companies and businesses need to keep pace with changing markets and global trends.

We actively advise on and facilitate mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts, Initial Public offers and Reverse takeovers, including fund raising activities, valuations, independent accountants report, due diligence, capital structure review, market research, and corporate governance and negotiation services.

We also undertake corporatisation and privatisation of Government Agencies.


Acquisition & Divestments

Selling, restructuring or expansion, we can help you make the right decision. You can be rest assured of our personalized services and expertise in all of your endeavors. We will help you identify the appropriate corporate structure, source of acquisition and divestment candidates and together with our panel of solicitors provide you with a one stop agency service.


Business Advisory & Accounting Services

One of the fundamental needs of every business is to record business transactions and measure results in compliance with regulations and approved Accounting Standards.

We are able to assist in the recording of your company’s transactions and the preparation of financial and management accounts apart from advising you on improving the structure and performance of your accounting department.

We can also help you to set up your own accounting systems & internal controls in order to produce efficient and timely financial reports, including the recommendation of accounting software packages and full compensation of your accounting systems.

To ensure that your decisions are based on sound and updated financial information we are here to advise you on business planning & restructuring, debt and equity financing, estate planning, state and federal compliances, together with our panel of legal advisors we can also assist you with succession planning, trust and will writing services. We can ensure that your company stays ahead in a competitive commercial world.